"Diana, you have class and intelligence exuding from you.  Thank you for the excellence in which you handled the sale of our home. Whoever has you as realtor is very fortunate!!"


"Diana, I wanted to thank you again for all that you did for me on the house. There is no way I could have taken care of all of this. You are a wonderful person and I enjoyed working with you although it was short. You are by far the best property manager I ever had!"


"Diana, thank you! And Thank God for you! I may not be here at the doorstep of my future if not for you, and I mean that. I know I have a solid and strong support team and that gives me even more drive to push on!"


"Diana, Thank you so much for all of your help with our house hunting, and then our new home! We have so much gratitude and appreciation for you. We love being at 9th St, and the dogs are really happy too! Thank you again."

-Mary & Julio 

"Dear Diana, Thank you so much for coming to speak with our trainees this week. They have commented about your story and how it has impacted them in truly understanding the dynamics of family violence. You are brave and generous in opening up to others in this way. May God continue to bless this unique ministry!"


"Diana, I always love our time together. Thanks for having such an amazing and caring heart. We appreciate your prayers and support in our lives and business and reminisce about a simpler life and times."


"Dear Diana, Thank you! We have settled in nicely and are enjoying exploring the area. We miss NM, but your help, expertise as a realtor and your compassion made our move so smooth and gave us such comfort! Thank you so much for that!"

- Susan & Brian

"Hello D! You're the best and thank you so much for joining us yesterday.I'd love for the home of the day to be rocking and rollin! Talk to you soon!" 


"Dear Diana, I want to thank you for helping me find my home. I am so blessed to have it. I know the Lord will bless you as you continue to find homes for people. I really believe you finding this home was a "God Thing." Thank You!"


Castle Finders testimonials

"Dear Diana, Thanks for taking the time to bring your clients to our house. They are in great hands. You asked so many thoughtful questions. Both Ryan and I enjoyed getting to know you a little. You are so gracious and kind. Thanks for all the sweet compliments. I hope you have a blessed week."


"We thank you for all your help in selling our home. You gave us world wide access to the internet, a professional attitude and great advertising. We are IMPRESSED!" 

-T. Madrid

"Dear Diana, Thank you for helping us find and buy our new home. It is just right for us! We also thank you for the plant. It will look great in our yard. The butterfly screen saver is cute too and could prevent an accident! Thank for all you have done. God bless you!"

-Mary & Anthony 

"We are so happy and thankful to be in this home. It has worked perfectly! I also want to say I am thankful for the friendship the Lord provided in you. I look forward to more text messages, conversations and a first girl's night out with you my new sisters in Christ! God is so faithful and I am so thankful." 

-I. Dunaway

"If you want a realty company who will go out of their way to get to know you and your house to better sell it, then Castle Finders Realty is the company for you. Castle Finders was a pleasure for us to work with. Diana Griego is awesome! Selling our house was very emotional and Diana held our hand through out the whole process. She was so understanding and personable because it happened so fast. She managed to sell our house after 4 days of its original listing. Her listing was eye catching because she took great pictures of the beautiful features our house had. She came out on a Sunday (her day off) to put the sign in front of our home. She is very professional. She gathered all the accurate and necessary information she needed very efficiently. We have never felt so comfortable working with someone from the beginning to the end of the sale. She took the time to prepare days before an event would take place. We never doubted that a document or detail would be missing. Nothing was ever last minute. She answered all questions and, if she needed to contact someone to get an answer, she always would call right back. We were blessed to have Castle Finders Realty sell our house, as a result we will forever remain loyal customers. We highly recommend Castle Finders."


"Diana, Thank you so much for your help with the real estate process. We appreciate that you did so much of the leg work for us while we were out of town. I know we will love our new house."

-J. Brown 

"Diana & Tom, Thank you for allowing us to rent off of you. You are awesome landlords. God bless you!"

-Justin & Renee 

"Diana, Thank you for the confidence in me and for writing me to work with you. I am always impressed with your professionalism and ability to calm the nerves of your clients. I am looking forward to working with you and future transactions together."


"The marks of a true professional are honesty, integrity, reliability and trust. Diana Griego and Castle Finders have these qualities and more. In the real estate world you have to watch your back every second, and it is comforting and reassuring to have Diana and her staff right there watching yours with you. Her combination of professionalism and sunny personality are rare in one person, and there is no one I could recommend any higher then her and Castle Finders for anyone looking to buy or sell their home."


"I can't thank you enough for putting your heart into this transaction. Your professionalism and integrity have been a blessing. I recommend Diana and Castle Finders above all others.

-I. Gunther